Meet our team of passionate, hardworking handlers! We are obsessed with your dog and cannot wait to meet you both!

So happy you're here! My name is Morgan and I am the Owner and Founder of Pawestruck! Dogs.
I never imagined myself owning a dog business, but from dog-sitting, to dog walking, to socializing, to falling in love with training... here we are!
One of the bachelor degrees I obtained is in Sociology for behavior and research. I have always been obsessed with behavior and psychology, which is truly where my passion for dog training began. I am so passionate about understanding how people perceive their dogs and what both their, and the dog’s, desires are from each other.
If you are in search of a trainer, please feel free to set up a free consultation call with me. I like to approach all of my sessions judgment free, with grace, and in hopes to be an inspiring and empowering teacher to you and you and your dog create the strongest bond and safest and happiest life. We can't wait to leave you Pawestruck!

Hi all, Amy here!! :) I'm a forever doggo lover, pupperoon petter, and enthusiasm is my middle name! You’ll find me around town pursuing my love of the arts or watching after kiddos. My passion for working with kids has translated quite nicely to working with pups and I love getting to know each and every unique personality! You’ll always see me with a smile on my face, encouraging the quirkiness and having the most fun with your pup! 
Behavioral training has become such a love of mine as we dig into the psychological minds of our pets! Truly understanding why your pup does what it does instinctually while discovering how we play a role in their development has been challenging and so rewarding! You'll see me around town as our head pupcamp handler and clown car driver! I'm so excited to continue to help your pup grow and help you be the best pawrent you can be!!