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Owner, Founder & Head Trainer

So happy you're here! My name is Morgan and I am the Owner and Founder of Pawestruck! Dogs. 
I never imagined myself owning a dog business, but from dog-sitting, to dog walking, to socializing, to falling in love with training... here we are! To learn more about our business and how it came to be, check out our About page. 
I moved to Los Angeles to work as an Assistant Director in the film industry, which I pursued for a couple of years. I absolutely love working in film and on set, but it wasn't the time for me to commit. My time and talents in business development had more opportunity at hand. I  also have made a full-time living doing photography, and transitioned that more into a passion in 2016. I still do photography for the things I love to shoot; weddings, editorials, engagements, fashion, etc.. which you can check out here.
I'm an only child from Northern Colorado and have two bachelors degrees; One in Public Relations and Advertising and the other in Sociology for research and behavior. 
I have always been obsessed with behavior and psychology, which is truly where my passion for dog training began. This is a huge can of worms which I am always excited to open, so drop me an email and let's chat! Thank you for checking out our website - we can't wait to leave you Pawestruck! ❤ 

meet AMY

Head Handler & Trainer

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